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12 Stylish Green Colour Combinations and Photos

12 Stylish Green Colour Combinations and Photos


Green Colour Combinations

A calming force, the colour green is one that lights up any living or working space with tranquillity. There is some science to back this. Colours of shorter wavelengths are called cool colours. Our eyes require less effort to adjust to these wavelengths. This lack of struggle makes us perceive cooler colours like green with positivity, relaxation, and an easy-going nature.

This is why when you consider what colour to paint your room, green is a great option. It promotes a sense of harmony with Mother Nature and that’s why, any room painted green provides a space of nurturing. This is so important for spaces like bedrooms. Further, the ‘natural’ feeling works for kitchens too: it’s a place where fruits and vegetables abound. It is also associated with luck.

Green is often associated with creativity so it is an apt choice for office and work spaces. Artists, writers, advertising executives, and marketeers will find a push to create when working in offices painted in shades of green. It is one of those unique colours that represents two opposing qualities: rest and motivation.

The colour matches beautifully with other hues to light up homes and offices. Both, warm and cool colours pair well with it, as do bold and soft tones. Those who choose green colour combinations will find that their spaces will stay stylish and inviting for years to come.

Let’s take a look at the best green colour combinations.

  1. Blue and Dark Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Blue and Dark Green for your home

    These dark shades of blue and green, when together, promote an accentuated sense of calm and intimacy. When used for a section of a bedroom, like a dressing area or walk-in closet, they create the perfect private sanctuary.

    Regale navy blue, with all its eminence and relaxation, combines beautifully with dark green to provide a soothing sensation for the bedroom. Those who choose this colour combination for their living space are not afraid of being bold. This is a glamorous duo of colours that is stylish in every sense.

  2. Cream / Beige and Lemon Green Colour Combination

    Cream / Beige and Lemon Green colour combination for your Home

    Cream is a natural background colour. When you think of what colour goes with green, think of this muted shade that speaks volumes. The stark neutrality of cream is wonderful when paired with a bubbly lime green.

    Choose to paint the whole room cream and reserve an accent wall for lime green for this look to have a greater effect. A good idea is to go for the wall behind the bed.

    This green colour combination needs plenty of natural light to bounce off the lime green wall.

    This room is wonderful for those who seek their intimate spaces to be energetic. It also makes for a fabulous colour scheme for holiday homes by the sea.

  3. Orange and Dark Green Colour Combination

    Orange and Dark Green colour combination for your Home

    When thinking of what colour matches with dark green, go for orange. This green colour combination is a microcosm of the earth. Dark green represents the terrain, with all its verdant forests and vegetation. Add to this, the pop of orange which stands for the glorious rays of the sun and even citrusy fruit and you have a delicious melange of colour for your living room.

    This green colour scheme gives you a peek into the past with its preppy ‘70s vibe. The use of two contrasting shades makes for a vibrant living space that naturally lends itself to other interior accessories like paintings, sculpture and murals. These colours work best for creative people and young urbane couples who are decorating their homes.

  4. Pink and Teal Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Pink and Teal Green for your home

    Soft shades like baby pink make for charming colour combinations with green. Go for a shade like teal green which offsets the subtleness of the pink. Even though both these colours are from different palettes: warm and cool, they both have one thing in common: the stand for nurturing compassion.

    Pink is the colour of warmth and comfort. Green stands for the nurturing qualities of Mother Nature and promotes a sense of relaxation. What more could you want from your bedroom? We hear your answer: style. Well, there’s no dearth of that when it comes to this gorgeous colour combination.

  5. Turquoise and Mint Green Colour Combination

    Turquoise and Mint Green colour combination for your Home

    Turquoise and mint green are both soft and cool colours. They aren’t very far from each other on the colour wheel. This is why they make for a great colour combination. Choose these hues for your living room and you will have a space that makes a statement in a pleasantly unassuming manner.

    When you consider green colour combinations, opt for turquoise. This works well when you want to go for a two-colour combination for your living space but don’t want to opt for colours that are too different from each other. In that case, you will get the desired effect without creating too much clutter.

  6. Peach and Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Peach and Green for your home

    Peach and green are a luscious green colour combination. This marriage of warm and cool hues makes for an impeccably stylish living room. When guests walk into this space, it is at once communicated that the decorator is one with great taste.

    There is a certain vintage ambience created by these two colours. Spruce it up with metallic furniture and a house plant to add to the dreamy, movie-like ambience. You can make green the dominant colour and go for small splashes of peach to add a bit of warmth to the cozy space.

  7. Cherry Red and Bottle Green Colour Combination

    Cherry Red and Blossom Green colour combination for your Home

    Both blossom green and cherry red are stimulating dark colours. They provide a deep sense of relaxation to any living space. Conversations and camaraderie are enjoyed against the backdrop of these gorgeous colours which make a bold style statement.

    Dining areas are best suited to this colour combination with green. The duo of hues promotes a sense of intimacy. The calmness of this melange of shades allows for the revealing of secrets and deep conversations. People who love bold yet calming colours should go for a combination of cherry red and blossom green.

  8. Black Interiors and Pista Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Black Interiors and Pista Green for your home

    Our kitchens are creative spaces. In them, we concoct our culinary fantasies. They are also spaces where we work hard to make delicious plates of food. This is why they require colours that stand for relaxation, creativity, motivation and deliciousness. What better than green to fulfil all those needs?

    Go for a light shade like pista green to adorn your kitchen walls. When thinking of green colour combinations, consider black interiors. This unusual combination works wonders as the stark black offsets the charming and inviting nature of pista green.

    Black also provides a sleek look. It represents an industrial design coupled with modernity, all of which work very well for kitchens: the labs where our cooking experiments take place.

  9. Red and Olive Green Colour Combination

    Red and Olive Green colour combination for your Home

    Red and olive green colour combination works beautifully for office cabins, especially those of the head of the company. It communicates a glorious sense of power and also creates an inviting atmosphere for subordinates and colleagues.

    When you are painting your office space, you want to communicate attraction and power. Red is the colour for you. When paired with a softer colour like olive green, you have a space that is chic and business-like.

    The green provides a sense of relaxation in between long bouts of work and meetings while the red fuels you to pursue your deadlines and goals. Make green the dominant colour and introduce red by way of window panes and doors.

  10. Orange, Mustard Yellow and Moss Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Orange, Mustard Yellow and Moss Green for your home

    The three colours, moss green, mustard yellow and orange, may seem like a lot but in reality, they come together beautifully for living rooms and office spaces. None of these shades are too bold to overpower the others.

    Go for a soft shade of orange with muted mustard yellow and complete the look with moss green to give a nice twist to the usual combination of warm and cool colour schemes. When considering to match colours with green, opt for a three-colour combination.

    This green colour combination works well for living rooms, office lounges, and stylish clothing stores.

  11. White, Silver, Beige or Golden and Emerald Green Colour Combination

    White / Silver /Beige/ Golden and Emerald Green colour combination for your Home

    Choose shades of cream or golden and emerald green colour combination if you are decorating for a festive season. This grouping of colour is wonderful for living spaces. Emerald green and golden both provide a sense of royalty, celebration, and joy. Cream provides the perfect backdrop for these glamorous colours.

    This kind of colour combination works best for living rooms, office lobbies, and boutique stores. It could also go well for someone who needs a burst of bright colours to boost creativity and even promote intimacy: in that case, it could work for a bedroom too. The key is to use cream as the dominant colour in this combination.

  12. Blue plus shades of Sea Green and Light Green Colour Combination

    Colour combination with Blue, Shades of Sea Green and Light Green for your home

    Blue with sea green and light green colour combination either makes you look up to the sky or down below in the ocean. When you are considering colours that match with green, blue should be on your radar. This is because they are close together on the cool colour palette. Further, blue is one of the primary colours that makes green.

    For a wonderful vacation home or beachside abode, this colour combination is absolutely apt. Swathe the whole property in these shades and you will feel like you’re amongst the abundance of the ocean even at home. Together, these colours offer a sense of relaxation, happiness and creativity.

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What colours should I avoid with green?

Most shades of purple do not go with green. The bolder shades of purple do not provide a good aesthetic when matched with green. Dark brown and green also make a dull combination that doesn’t do much for interiors.

When it comes to accent walls, which shades of green should I use?

For accent walls, it is best to choose the bolder shades of green. Whether it is bright and poppy like lime green or stark like bottle or emerald green, go for the ones that are set to stand out.

Is green a good colour for office spaces?

Absolutely. Green stands for creativity, abundance, joy, and a sense of invitation. All of these are features you would like to give your working space, so go right ahead and choose a shade of green for your office.

What contrasting colour matches with green?

Red is the colour opposite green on the colour wheel. This makes it the colour most in contrast with green. This is called a complimentary colour combination and it creates a bold and stylish look. There you have it, a collection of colours and shades that go well with green. A versatile colour, it goes beautifully for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and office spaces. Those who choose green, choose peace, prosperity, joy, serenity and creativity for their living spaces. All of these suggestions for colour combinations with green will assist you in making the choice best suited to your needs and desires for interior spaces. Go for the one that is apt for your personality. The best part is that most of these will not go out of style for years to come. Green goes beautifully with both cool and warm colours, making it wonderful for all kinds of colour schemes. Cool, calm and collected, green offers up a sense of relaxation and rest. Any space painted in this hue will enjoy compliments from one and all. Explore all the shades of green and colours that make wonderful combinations with it with the colourful world of Nerolac.

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