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What Colours Match with Blue? 14 Colour Combinations with Blue for Your Home

What Colours Match with Blue? 14 Colour Combinations with Blue for Your Home


Blue is a universally popular colour for décor and design; choosing a colour combination with blue is a smart way to not only include this hue in your home’s interior design. Depending on the shade, it can be calming, bold, soft, and stimulating. Owing to this versatility, it works perfectly for all kinds of spaces in the home. A gorgeous living room, comforting bedroom, inviting kitchen and refreshing bathroom — all of these are brightened up by this maverick colour. Do you want to know what colours match with blue?

Here are a few brilliant colour combinations with blue to help you use this versatile colour for your home design.

  1. Cobalt Blue and Silver

    Cobalt Blue and Silver

    Among the many colours that match with blue is classic silver. This shiny shade immediately adds a touch of glam to cobalt blue to liven up a bedroom or living room. Somehow, it works to create both a modern and classic feel, depending on the furniture that’s used to spruce up the space.

  2. Cerulean Blue and Sandy Beige

    Cerulean Blue and Sandy Beige

    Relive seaside calm with this colour combination of cerulean blue and sandy beige. These colours are perfect for a bedroom as they invite you into a space that promotes rest and relaxation. The cerulean blue improves your mood and inspires creativity while sandy beige complements it well by providing a neutral backdrop. If you love the island life, then this combination, which recreates a seaside cottage, is perfect for you.

  3. Midnight Blue and Emerald

    Midnight Blue and Emerald

    This is a colour combination that fairy tales and magical nights are made of. Midnight blue and emerald come together to create an ethereal combination for a bedroom. Perfect for an intimate space, these colours merge to create an inviting atmosphere where you can rejuvenate after a weary day. Couples will find that this cozy colour palette promotes well-being and deep sleep. It also provides the best backdrop for conversations and catchups in a relaxing atmosphere.

  4. Denim Blue and Citrus Orange

    Denim Blue and Citrus Orange

    When you think about what colours match with blue, chances are that orange is not what comes to mind initially. A deep tone like denim blue merges perfectly with citrusy orange to offer a bold take to a living room space or bathroom. This combination is for people who love creativity and bursts of colour. If you’re not one to shy away from making a statement with décor, opt for these colours to brighten up your home.

  5. Navy Blue and Cherry Red

    Navy Blue and Cherry Red

    Here’s a classic red and blue colour combination. Both red and blue come in bold shades that command attention. When you combine navy blue and cherry red, it is not uncommon to think that this duo would be too striking for most people. The next time you think about what colour matches with navy blue; you have your off-the-beaten-track answer.

  6. Sky Blue and Rust Brown

    Sky Blue and Rust Brown

    A great way to infuse blue into your décor is through furniture. Paint your cabinets, drawers, chests, chairs, and tables with shades of this colour because, why should walls have all the fun? If you’re unsure of this technique, try a simple sky blue chest of drawers made of wood against a rust brown wall. The colours offset each other so beautifully that they land up complementing each other. This colour combination is perfect for a study or bedroom.

  7. Monochromatic Magic with Blue

    Monochromatic Magic with Blue

    As gorgeous as a starry night sky is this palette that combines navy blue and lapis. Monochrome design never goes out of style and blue is one of the best colours for this template. With darker tones, it exudes a sleek, modern feel while with lighter tones, it creates a warm and cozy space. Either way, both are inviting for different personalities. Monochrome magic is truly representative of the versatility of blue as a shade for the home.

  8. Dark Blue and Mustard Yellow

    Dark Blue and Mustard Yellow

    Fire and Ice’ is the right way to describe this colour combination with dark blue. Mustard yellow can get very striking so a good option is to paint your furniture in this shade. Place the piece of cabinet or table against a stark dark blue wall and you have yourself a combination that beautifully blends a cool and warm colour palette. These colours work beautifully for a living room that seeks to give off a tropical island vibe.

  9. Dark Blue and Hot Pink

    Dark Blue and Hot Pink

    Even for those people that love a lot of colours, this duo is best left for a single wall or portion of the house. Hot pink makes a fun colour combination with dark blue and lends a bubbly feel to any space. You may find that it makes for a nice break in between neutral-coloured walls in a living room. You can paint the wall hot pink and opt for a dark blue piece of furniture against it or vice versa.

  10. Cobalt Blue and Marigold

    Cobalt Blue and Marigold

    Marigold yellow and cobalt blue come together just as the glorious sunlight and ocean complement each other on a bright and sunny day. This duo works well in a living room or kitchen: both spaces where there is a lot of interplay between people. Natural light is a key ingredient in making this colour combination work to its truest potential.

  11. Ultramarine Blue and Chocolate Brown

    Ultramarine Blue and Chocolate Brown

    For a muted look that allows for cameos of brightness, opt for a combination of ultramarine blue and chocolate brown. This combination is best suited for a living room or kitchen. You can opt for the muted shades to bathe the walls and the bright tones to adorn the cabinets or furniture. This is a popular colour scheme for urbane homes.

  12. Sky Blue and Pale Peach

    Sky Blue and Pale Peach

    This colour combination is for when you want to make a statement with the colours you choose for your home but also want them to provide a background to let other décor elements shine. Sky blue and pale peach make for a fabulous duo that defines modern understated elegance. The beauty of this colour combination with blue is that it works for every part of the home.

  13. Navy Blue and Bronze

    Navy Blue and Bronze

    Bronze is a gorgeous colour that goes with navy blue. It lends an antique look to the space. Use this colour combination for your bedroom, living room, or a patio to add a Victorian feel to your home. Bronze works wonders when restricted to a single wall.

  14. Blue and Champagne Gold

    Blue and Champagne Gold

    We saved the toast for last and what better colour to match with blue than champagne gold? Add this shade to a living room that’s going to host glamourous parties and you will always have a backdrop that’s picture-perfect. Go for small pieces of furniture or objects d’art or a single wall in champagne gold.


Whether you choose to go for a standout wall, painted furniture, coated fences, mix-and-match bathrooms, or diverse kitchens, blue is the right choice.

Whether your home design is classic or contemporary, select from any of these colour combinations with blue to infuse style into your home.

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